Read This!: IT’S A MYSTERY, PIG FACE! by Wendy McLead MacKnight

It's a Mystery, Pig Face!It’s a Mystery, Pig Face! by Wendy McLeod MacKnight

Summary: Eleven-year-old Tracy Munroe and her family have just gotten back from their family vacation—why did no one realize that her little brother, Lester, a.k.a. Pig Face, was allergic to sand, salt air, and the ocean before they decided to go to the beach?—and now she has three big goals to accomplish before she goes back to school: Figure out a fantastic end of summer adventure with her best friend, Ralph, budding Michelin-star chef. (And no, Ralph, perfecting a soufflé does not count.) Make sure Pig Face does not tag along. Get the gorgeous new boy next door, Zach, to know she even exists. But when Tracy and Ralph discover an envelope stuffed with money in the dugout at the baseball field (and Lester forces them to let him tag along), they have a mystery on their hands. Did someone lose the cash? Or, did someone steal it? St. Stephen has always seemed like a quiet place to live, but soon the town is brimming with suspects. Now they’re on a hunt to discover the truth, before the trio is accused of the crime themselves.

It’s a mystery, all right – and it’s a great middle grade read, too! Tracy isn’t so excited when her little brother Lester, AKA Pig Face, inserts himself into the amateur detective work that she and her best friend Ralph have decided to undertake. But it turns out that the precocious, if annoying, nine-year-old is just what they need to keep them grounded as the case of the found bag of money spins out of control, and Tracy’s own attempts to hang with the cool kids get the better of her. A funny, tender, and achingly real tale of friendship and sibling bonds.

IT’S A MYSTERY, PIG FACE! is out now.

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