Kindergarten Magic

ALA Editions (2011)

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This time-saving program planner for librarians and classroom teachers alike includes everything you need to get started—reading lists, flannelboard patterns, poems, songs, easy crafts, even take-home activities to extend the learning process. The many creative ideas packed inside include:

  • Activities keyed to popular classroom themes, with one chapter for each week of the school year
  • Lessons that reinforce skills in key learning areas such as reading, writing, and math
  • American Sign Language and Spanish language activities that make diversity awareness a part of children’s learning
  • Teachable concepts that can be mixed and rearranged for maximum flexibility, complementing classroom schedules

Both veterans and novices will find plenty to help make kindergarten days richer, more rewarding, and more fun. Order your copy today and pick up tips for your school, preschool and library!


The Australian Library Journal says: “Kindergarten Magic provides a time-saving, idea-promoting framework for kindergarten library lessons with an emphasis on fun and interaction…This book would be an excellent addition to a school librarian’s collection to complement lesson planning and allow for quick ideas when faced with a spontaneous lesson. In addition, public library children’s librarians would find this resource useful to assist in creative ways to build library skills into storytime sessions.” Read the full review.

Booklist says: “”MacMillan and Kirker’s new book is a must-have resource for school librarians or teachers who work with kindergartners. The authors have combined their experience in children’s librarianship, storytelling, and American Sign Language to design 36 thematic library units that support kindergarten benchmarks for early literacy… Highly recommended.”  Read the full review.


Kindergarten Magic Web Extra Site: Featuring full-size flannelboard and magnetboard patterns and craft templates to go with the book Kindergarten Magic.