The Runaway Shirt

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The Runaway Shirt (Familius Press)

  • Text by Kathy MacMillan
  • Illustrations by Julia Castaño 

Laundry is a chore, but when a child climbs in the basket, everything becomes a game. Follow along as this mother takes a break from folding clothes to join her child in the delightful laughter of imagination. In The Runaway Shirt, housework and pretend play come together to transport readers to a kid’s world of wonder and excitement. Each page of charming illustration is a work in joy and mirth. Who knew folding laundry could be so fun?

“A sweet depiction of how even a mundane task can turn into a fun game given some imagination, patience, and love.” -School Library Journal

“Many a young reader will giggle in recognition of similarly enacted pretend games of their own.” – Kirkus

“In a creative blend of housework and pretend play, The Runaway Shirt welcomes you to witness the world through a child’s eyes: where the simple folding of laundry is the launchpad for a world of runaway clothing and disappearing shirts. This charming read portrays the loving bond between parent and child, and the joy of nurturing your child’s imagination…Don’t be surprised if your own littles beg for laundry day after this one!” – Maya Espiritu- MaiStoryBookLibrary

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