Another Sneak Peek

So remember a few weeks ago, when I posted 7 lines from a recent work-in-progress because the current one was too formless for such things?  Well, maybe the 777 Meme has burned itself out by now, but I am bringing it back because I am so excited that the as-yet-untitled sequel to my as-yet-untitled debut now has words on pages (over 6000, even!).

Set-up: this story is from the point of view of a different main character than the first book, but I am not going to tell you who because it would spoil the end of the first book.  🙂 So I will give a very broad description of the plot: this story is about a character from a privileged background struggling to find her place in a new world where the things that made her special no longer matter.

I am supposed to post the first full 7 lines on the 7th page, starting 7 lines down.  Here you go:

 “Then one hundred saltbricks.  That’s all we can afford,” I said.

Mati turned the page around and frowned over it, absently stroking Raisa’s hand on the table beside him.  “Couldn’t we reallocate – ”

I crossed my arms.  “We’ve already laid out money for the repair of the pass and the main road and the port, relocated all the people in The Reach, and bought up all the food between here and Pira.  We’ve had to put off repairing the fountains and the bath houses.  What else do you propose we delay?”


Okay, so again, page 7 is clearly not the most exciting part of any of my stories.  But just the fact that there IS a page 7 has me ecstatic!

In my original post, I tagged 7 fellow authors to share too, and some of them heeded the call!  Read their (much cooler) sneak peeks at the links below:

Megan Morrison shares a preview of DISENCHANTED, the second book in the Tyme series

Brooks Benjamin shares a preview of TALES OF A TEENAGE SCREAM QUEEN

Victoria J. Coe shares a preview of the sequel to her debut FENWAY & HATTIE






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