A Sneak Peek from Victoria J. Coe

Kathy says: In my last post, I shared a preview of a current work in progress as part of the 777 Meme, and tagged seven other authors, including my fellow Sweet Sixteen, Middle Grade author Victoria J. Coe, to do the same.  Victoria took this summons seriously, but with no blog of her own, what was she to do?  I wasn’t about to let her off the hook so easily, so I invited her to guest post here! 

Thank you to the brilliant and fabulous Kathy MacMillan for tagging (and hosting) me for the 777 meme!

The rules:

  1. Go to the 7th line of the 7th page of your work in progress.
  2. Post the first full 7 lines.
  3. Tag 7 friends.

It’s fun. It’s scary. What writer could resist?

Not me!

My current work in progress is a potential sequel to my middle grade debut, FENWAY & HATTIE. Like F&H, the new story (title withheld) is written entirely from the point of view of Fenway, a Jack Russell Terrier. He lives with his human family – Fetch Man, Food Lady, and Hattie.

Fenway and Hattie are inseparable. That is, until a new character (identity withheld) comes between them.

In this sneak peek, Fenway is running through Food Lady’s new garden, on the trail of a mysterious creature.

I scoot through the mulch. It’s obvious she wants to help. But this job is way too dangerous for a short human. Especially one as totally freaked out as Hattie right now.

I must concentrate! I’m pawing around a toppled plant where the rodenty stench is unmistakable, when I see Food Lady’s reaching fingers. Is she trying to sabotage my work?

Wow-ee! How fun/scary was that?

Now I get to tag 7 friends! So if you’re a writer, and you haven’t been tagged yet, guess what? You’re it!


Victoria J Coe HEADSHOTVictoria J. Coe is the author of FENWAY & HATTIE (Penguin/Putnam, Winter 2016). Told from the point of view of Fenway, Hattie’s dog, the novel focuses on the pair’s adjustments to their move from the city to the suburbs.







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3 Responses to A Sneak Peek from Victoria J. Coe

  1. judymintz says:

    Is she? Is she trying to sabotage his work? What a tease! Here we are waiting for book one, and now we have this mystery to worry about! How can a girl concentrate on her own work? We must have more!

  2. “I must concentrate!” made me laugh. Fenway has his heart in the right place. I can’t wait to read book 1.

  3. Laura Shovan says:

    “Food Lady” — I’m mom to a very treat-drive Schnauzer. I’m pretty sure this is what he calls me in his head.

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