Watching the Sun Disappear

I just got back from my favorite August event – an epic two-week camping trip that my son and I take every year.  This year we started at the absolutely mystical Fairy Stone State Park in Virginia:

The view from our camp site. These are definitely fairy woods.



Then we headed down to Greenville, South Carolina, where we got to view the eclipse at 100% totality.  Totally indescribable and totally worth the trip!  (Even the part where I left our eclipse glasses at home and had to have a friend mail them to our camp site – thanks, Janet!)

Leave it to a couple of introverts to find an uncrowded place to view the eclipse!


Got my eclipse-appropriate reading!


Our last stop was Knoxville, Tennessee, where we indulged my son’s animal-loving instincts at Zoo Knoxville and the Gentle Barn, a truly transformative animal rescue.  And of course he managed to make a friend at the campground:


Now I am back and getting ready to dive into line edits for the sequel to Sword and Verse (I SWEAR I will be able to share the title soon!).  And today I got a sneak peek at the cover.  It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to share it with you all!


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