Scenes From a Vacation

My son and I just got back from an epic 2-week camping trip to Tennessee and Arkansas.  For 2 glorious weeks, I did not work on anything and did not check even one email.  Here are some pictures from the fun:

View from our campsite in Knoxville:



Fun in the fountain at World’s Fair Park in Knoxville:

20160817_152427 20160817_152413


The alligator farm in Hot Springs (aka the content of my nightmares):



The only picture I got from the absolutely gorgeous Garvan Gardens before my phone died:



And my son’s favorite part of the trip: the ducks at our campsite in Hot Springs.  They followed us around and wagged their tails. So of course he named them.  (From left to right: Jerry, Tina, Mr. Grumpy Gills, Bob)





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1 Response to Scenes From a Vacation

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love these pictures! Well, maybe not the alligator farm so much….But what a beautiful camping area!

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