Deleted Scene from SWORD AND VERSE

Those of you who participated in the YA Scavenger Hunt got to see this deleted scene from the book already, but now that the hunt is over I am posting it for everyone!

This is the story of Raisa’s Selection and first day in the Adytum, the sacred courtyard where the language of the gods is taught.

Raisa dreams of learning to write the language of the gods so that she can finally understand her heart-verse, given to her by her father long ago.  But if anyone finds her heart-verse, she could be immediately executed.  When the Tutor-in-training is executed for treason and a new girl must be chosen to take her place, Raisa’s greatest desire and her greatest fear lead her down the same path.

Alterations: A Story from the World of SWORD AND VERSE

More extras from Sword and Verse

Stay tuned for even more in the upcoming months!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    This is great! What a wonderful idea😊

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