The Bells of Qilara

Many readers have asked for more information about how the timekeeping system of bells in Qilara works.  Here’s a breakdown:

Each bell period represents about 3 of our hours.  The time varies because it is based on the position of the sun and moon (called Gyotia’s Lamp) rather than a set period of time, and so the lengths of time between various bells are different depending on the season.  In the City of Kings, the bells ring at the palace and the temples.  In more remote areas, the nearest temple will generally serve as the source of bells for the surrounding countryside, or occasionally an ambitious Scholar will construct his own belltower.

The Bells:

1st bell, AKA sunrise bells (the time for morning invocations) – approximately 6 AM

2nd bell, AKA midmorning bells – approximately 9 AM

3rd bell, AKA luncheon bells – approximately noon

4th bell, AKA midday bells – approximately 3 PM

5th bell, AKA dinner bells – approximately 6 PM

6th bell, AKA sunset bells (the time for evening invocations) – approximately 9 PM

7th bell, AKA lamp bells (moonrise) – approximately midnight

8th bell – AKA final bells (muted) – approximately 3 am



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