Fantasy vs. Reality

Things that I irrationally believe will help me get writing done:

  1. Finding the perfect time of day to write
  2. Lighting a candle (in the perfect scent to match my story, of course)
  3. Complete silence
  4. The perfect music at the perfect volume
  5. Writing at my desk at home
  6. Writing at the perfect table in a coffee shop – away from drafts, speakers, and overly loud conversations
  7. Just the right flavor of tea
  8. My cat purring in my lap
  9. My cat anywhere but my lap
  10. The perfect pair of headphones
  11. Complete solitude
  12. The exciting bustle of people around me
  13. Setting a time limit for myself
  14. Setting a word quota for myself
  15. Searching the internet for images to inspire me
  16. Shutting off the internet altogether
  17. Posting about my progress on Twitter
  18. Avoiding social media entirely
  19. Warm, cozy slippers
  20. A cold drink
  21. Envisioning my book as a bestseller
  22. Writing just for myself and not worrying about what anyone else thinks


Things that actually help me get writing done:

  1. Sitting down at my computer and not getting up until words are written


(Ironically, I procrastinated actually writing by writing this post. Back to work now.)

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