And We Have a Title!

After much speculation and back-and-forthing, I am pleased to announce that my 2016 debut Young Adult novel officially has a title:


The story takes place in land where writing is the sacred privilege of a few, and a slave girl, Raisa, gets the extraordinary chance to learn the language of the gods when she becomes a royal tutor. But her dreams are threatened by her forbidden love for the prince, and her loyalty is tested by the Resistance, who urges her to join in the fight for her people’s freedom.  It’s about the consequences of following your heart, and learning to trust yourself and other people.

My editor, Alexandra Cooper, came up with the title, and I really like how it incorporates the idea of the pen (or in this case, the quill) being mightier than the sword, and refers to a verse that plays a big role in Raisa’s life.

If you want to know more about the book deal, you can read more here.  Can’t wait to share more news about it over the next year as it gets closer to publication time!

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1 Response to And We Have a Title!

  1. Kate Bradley-Ferrall says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait for SWORD AND VERSE.

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