Celebrating Picture Book Month!

PBMBADGE-AMBASSADOR-FBNovember is Picture Book Month!  This international literacy initiative, founded by author and storyteller Dianne de Las Casas, celebrates the print picture book during the month of November.  Check out the Picture Book Month website, which will feature daily posts from “picture book champions” and has lots of great classroom and storytime resources!

Here’s how we celebrate picture books in my house: every day since my son JX was in kindergarten, I have woken him up by reading a picture book.  It started because he was notoriously hard to wake – he does NOT like to interact with other people first thing in the morning, but opening his eyes into the world of a story was different.  Gentler.  It gave us time to connect before the craziness of getting ready for the day set in.  You see, it had to be a picture book, because even if he was dozing, I could say something like, “Wow, look at that crazy sheep!” and his curious eyes would pop open.  (This still works.)  And as he grew older, and our bedtime reading turned to chapter books (we are now on month eight of The Lord of the Rings), those “morning books”, as he calls them, gave him a way to stay connected to the world of picture books.  Even now, my big fourth grader likes to start the day with a morning book.

So this November, I am celebrating what picture books offer to readers of all ages, because no one is too old for a picture book.  JX and I will be tweeting about our morning books every day this month.  Follow the fun at @kathys_quill and pick up a picture book of your own!

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