What the Heck is a Line Edit?

My good friend Megan Morrison published a wonderful article on her blog a few days ago entitled “The Editorial Process: A Guide for the Friends and Family Members of Writers“.  This is highly recommended reading for anyone who has ever wondered why your friend who had sold a book is still working on the same one months or even years after the sale.

The only thing I would add to Meg’s excellent article is Stage 3.5: Waiting for the Official Announcement.  This is the time after the book has been purchased and the author has signed a contract, but the publisher has not yet put out the official press release announcing the deal.  This can be a pins-and-needles time for author, since she just wants to shout to the world, “I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!”, but can’t do so yet, and even if she did, no one would really believe it because there is no proof anywhere just yet.

I mean, I imagine that it’s a frustrating time.  Just saying.

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1 Response to What the Heck is a Line Edit?

  1. Thanks, Kathy. And too true, re: Stage 3.5. I did leave that out. I found that stage to be incredibly difficult… but still way better than the wondering-if-it-will-ever-get-picked-up-at-all stage. 🙂

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