With the impending publication of my first mainstream nonfiction book, Little Hands and Big Hands: Children and Adults Signing Together, and with my debut novel, The Library of the Gods, inching ever closer to publication, I have decided to revamp my websites so they can each focus on different aspects of this crazy choose-your-own-adventure career of mine. 

This site, which can be accessed at www.kathymacmillan.com, will function as my author website, with news and information about my books, author appearances, and writing workshops. 

My American Sign Language ventures now have their own separate website at www.storiesbyhand.com, where you can find information about my ASL storytelling programs, classes, interpreting services, and ASL workshops.

Those interested in my storytime resource books and workshops will find lots of great information and free stuff at www.storytimestuff.net, my shared website with co-author Christine Kirker.

Of course, since I am still one person and my projects often overlap in the manner of a Venn diagram, I will often be posting some information in more than one place, but I hope you will find each of these sites valuable and useful.  I welcome feedback on content and design.  Please follow this site, using the link at the right, to receive email notifications of updates.  You can choose to receive immediate updates, or to receive weekly or monthly digests. 

I don’t plan to be a crazily prolific blogger – that’s just too much pressure – but this is  where I plan to share my thoughts about favorite books I have read, news about publications, and other random musings.  Oh, and once The Library of the Gods comes out, oh, do I have extras to share!  I hope you will come along for the journey!


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