Extras from the World of SWORD AND VERSE and DAGGER AND COIN

Eyes Open: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. Mati confronts Tyasha ke Demit about her treason and meets Raisa for the first time. (Warning: Major spoilers for Sword and Verse!)

Alterations: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. This is the story of Raisa’s Selection and first day in the Adytum, the sacred courtyard where the language of the gods is taught.

The Only Bearable Solution: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. This is the story of how Mati fell in love with Raisa, from his point of view.

Iron and Silk: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. Recruiting one Tutor into the Resistance was a risk – one that led to her execution and that of half the Resistance leaders. It would be madness to try again – but then, Jonis never was one to play it safe.

A Bit of Extra Swoon: A lost moment between Raisa and Mati, posted on the Tales of a Ravenous Reader blog as part of the Sword and Verse blog tour

Exposed: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. Mati has to do some quick thinking when his father finds out about him and Raisa.

A Man Gets What His Actions Earn Him: Captain Gelti Dimmin has some thoughts about the king’s handling of his son after he’s seen leaving the Tutor’s room.

The Captain: Raisa’s sentencing and punishment by the Scholars Council in Sword and Verse, from the perspective of the man wielding the whip: Gelti Dimmin.

Finding Aliana: A deleted flashback scene from Dagger and Coin, but it takes place chronologically during the battle in Sword and Verse. This is the full story of Soraya’s disastrous wedding day and what happened after her father was cut down.

No One’s Side: This story takes place chronologically during the battle in Sword and Verse. Captain Gelti Dimmin’s choices come crashing down on him…laying the foundation for his actions in Dagger and Coin.

The Council of Four: The very first meeting of the new Ruling Council. This story from Soraya’s point of view bridges Sword and Verse and Dagger and Coin.

Lesson: This story takes place on Longa (one of the islands that make up what Qilarites call the Nath Tarin), a season before the battle in Sword and Verse, and is from the point of view of Loris ko Puli, apprentice Learned One.

After the First Assassin: This story from the point of view of Jonis ko Rikar takes place during the first few chapters of Dagger and Coin, after the attack on Raisa. Jonis deals with his unrequited feelings for Raisa, his unlikely friendship with Mati, his deep mistrust of Soraya, and his complicated relationship with Deshti.

Caged: A story from the point of view of Rorie ko Ben, a character mentioned in passing in Dagger and Coin. Rorie, like Loris, is from the island of Longa and is one of the Melarim. Originally he was going to play a part in Soraya’s story, but ended up getting cut. However, writing this piece from his point of view helped me to bring more detail to the Melarim and their experiences.

Lilano: A Novella: The complete story of Mati and Raisa’s trip to Lilano during Dagger and Coin, from Mati’s point of view. This story is 132 pages long, so buckle in.  I started writing this story because Mati and Raisa’s adventures in the south had a big impact on the events in the capital during Dagger and Coin, and writing this helped to clarify timelines, emotional outcomes, and how the events in the two cities were connected.  But I also enjoyed it a great deal, largely because Mati is a such an open-hearted character, and the events of Sword and Verse gave him a lot to contend with.  He’s no longer a king, though he’s been told his whole life that a king was what he had to be.  He’s dealing with his own sense of loss and inadequacy, while at the same time witnessing a transformation in the woman he loves as she grows into her power.

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