Extras from the World of SWORD AND VERSE and DAGGER AND COIN

Eyes Open: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. Mati confronts Tyasha ke Demit about her treason and meets Raisa for the first time. (Warning: Major spoilers for Sword and Verse!)

Alterations: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. This is the story of Raisa’s Selection and first day in the Adytum, the sacred courtyard where the language of the gods is taught.

The Only Bearable Solution: A story from the world of Sword and Verse.  This is the story of how Mati fell in love with Raisa, from his point of view.

Iron and Silk: A story from the world of Sword and Verse. Recruiting one Tutor into the Resistance was a risk – one that led to her execution and that of half the Resistance leaders. It would be madness to try again – but then, Jonis never was one to play it safe.

A Bit of Extra Swoon: A lost moment between Raisa and Mati, posted on the Tales of a Ravenous Reader blog as part of the Sword and Verse blog tour

Exposed: A story from the world of Sword and Verse.  Mati has to do some quick thinking when his father finds out about him and Raisa.

The Council of Four: The very first meeting of the new Ruling Council. This story from Soraya’s point of view bridges Sword and Verse and Dagger and Coin.

Interview with Prince Mati at Dark Faery Tales

An Interview with Raisa from Sword and Verse and Jayden from the Forbidden trilogy by Kimberley Griffiths Little, conducted by Juliet Capulet

Pronunciation Guide

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