Register now for Creative Coaching Groups: 6-Month Mentorship Program

I am excited to be mentoring a new crop of writers in the January to June 2022 Creative Coaching Groups! If you’re looking for a way to take your work to the next level, check out this program available exclusively to members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators:

January-June 2022 Creative Coaching Groups: A 6-Month Mentorship Program

This 6-month mentorship program, available only to SCBWI members, will connect you with a published mentor author or illustrator who will provide detailed written feedback on your work each month and conduct monthly online small group meetings that provide support, brainstorming, and community. You will also have the opportunity to improve your craft through peer critiques. Each cohort will be capped at 3-6 participants.

Each Creative Coaching Group includes:

Monthly mentor critiques: You will submit your work for critique each month and receive a detailed written critique from your mentor, for a total of 6 critiques. (See submission details below for each cohort.) It’s up to you whether you want to submit new work each month, or revise your work and resubmit for another pass. Illustrators will also have the option to follow targeted illustration prompts.

Monthly peer critiques: You will complete a monthly written peer critique for each of the other members of your cohort, and receive written critiques from your peers each month. (See cohort details below for maximum numbers in each group.)

Online group meetings: You’ll meet with your mentor and cohort for seven 60-90 minute meetings.  (See groups and dates below.) These live online meetings will be a chance to ask questions, brainstorm, get clarification about critiques, and receive craft and career guidance tailored to the needs of the group.

Email group: Your cohort will connect via an email listserv facilitated through Google Groups. This will be your place to share resources, ask questions, and connect with your cohort.

This session of Creative Coaching Groups will run January-June 2022.  Click on the links below for costs, dates, deadlines, and details for each specific group.

*Writers Getting Ready Cohort – Beginning Writers in All Kidlit Categories (Fiction and Nonfiction) – Mentor: Kathy MacMillan
*Picture Book Cohort – Beginner/Intermediate  – Mentor: Olga Herrera
*Picture Book Cohort – Advanced – Mentor: Cindy Kane
*Illustrator Cohort – All Experience Levels – Mentor: Young Vo
*Easy Reader/Chapter Book Fiction Cohort – All Experience Levels – Mentor: Joe McGee
*Nonfiction Cohort – All Kidlit Categories and Experience Levels – Mentor: Ann McCallum Staats
*Middle Grade/Young Adult Fiction Cohort – Beginner/Intermediate –
Mentor: Shawn Stout

*Middle Grade/Young Adult Fiction Cohort – Advanced – Mentor: Meg Eden


Register now!





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