Sneak Peek: COLD IRON

My fellow Sweet Sixteen, Kim Savage, has tagged me for the 777 Meme, whereby you post the first full 7 lines on the 7th page of your work in progress, starting 7 lines down.  As my current work in progress is a mess of notes and outlines with no actual words on any page yet, let alone page 7, I decided to share some lines from my most recently completed draft of another work in progress, tentatively titled Cold Iron.

Description: When Sara Gardner gets redistricted to a new high school in her senior year, she finally gets the chance to emerge from the shadow of her popular best friend and make her own fairy tale.

And here are your 7 lines:

“Hey!  Bethany’s friend!  Sit here!” 

I turned to see Chad beckoning me over.  Annoyance and relief mingled in my chest as I took the seat beside him.  He introduced me to his friends: three boys whose names all seemed to start with J – John and Jared and something else – and a pinched-faced girl with meticulously straight brown hair named Jenna.  She hovered on the other side of Chad and eyed me warily.

“Is Bethany coming here too?”  said one of the J-boys keenly.

I shook my head.  “No, she’s still at Cunningham Falls.”


How’s that for a spellbinder?  Apparently 7 pages in, 7 lines down is not where you find my best work.  But hey, it’s a draft.


So now it’s time for me to tag 7 other people:

  1. Megan Morrison
  2. Lynne Kelly
  3. Victoria J. Coe
  4. Laura Shovan
  5. Erin L. Schneider
  6. Brooks Benjamin
  7. Jeff Garvin


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